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Decorative Cedar Corbels OutdoorCedar Corbels

CWB is a custom fabricator of custom cedar corbels and other decorative wood accents in architecture.  Our selection of architectural corbels is just a small sampling of what we do.  Customers often call us for free quotes on custom corbels from blueprints or for pricing to modify dimensions of one of our existing corbel brackets.  All of our architectural cedar products are built to order and usually ship next day.

Decorative or structural wood corbels can be used to enhance eves in colonial, Victorian, and Craftsman style homes to name a few.  Cedar is an ideal wood due to it's ability to resist rotting and is available in smooth form for easy painting or rough form for a great natural look.  You can make this selection on the product page of each product where more details are given.

Wood corbels
are available in most sizes.  Because they are cut from dimensional lumber there may be some limitations for overly sized brackets and they may be made from laminated beams.  If you are a builder, contractor, or architect be sure to bookmark us for all of your future cedar millwork needs.  Please click here to fill out a free estimate or if you have questions about any of our products.

We Do Custom Corbels!!

(H)eight x (P)rojection x (T)hickness
Cedar Corbel
CC1: 14H8P4T
 Cedar Corbels
 Cedar Wood Corbel
CC3: 10H6P6T
Cedar Wood Brackets
CC4: 4H8P6T
CC5: 10H6P6T
CC6: 8H6P6T
 Wood Corbel
CC7: 12H8P4T
Wood Corbels

 Corbel Wood
CC9: 9H6P4T

 Decorative Corbels
CC10: 7H6P6T
Victorian Corbels
CC11: 8H8P4T
Dentil Block
 Dentil Blocks
CC13: 7H8P4T
Dentil Blocks and Corbels
CC14: 10H9P4T
Architectural Wood Corbels
CC15: 13H10P4T
 Decorative Cedar Corbels
8" thick cedar corbel
CC17: 14H12P8T
Cedar Corbel Exterior
CC18: 6H8P6T
Exterior Wood Corbel Bracket
CC19: 9H10P6T
Large Exterior Rafter Tail Corbel
CC20: 16H24P8T
Large Decorative Exterior Corbel
CC21: 16H32P8T

Cove Corbel with Curve
CC22: 8H6P8T
Cove Corbel Exterior with Lip
CC23: 8H8P8T
Craftsman Corbel
CC24: 6H8P6T

CC25: 6H7P6T

CC26: 15H9P4T

CC27: 12H8P6T

CC28: 6H12P4T

CC29: 8H8P8T

CC30: 10H10P6T

CC31: 10H7P4T

CC32: 6H12P4T

CC33: 10H10P4T

CC34: 10H6P6T

CC35: 8H6P6T

CC36: 11H8P4T

CC37: 9H9P4T

CC38: 7H6P6T

CC39: 9H9P4T

CC40: 10H6P6T

CC41: 12H6P6T

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