Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do you make custom cedar brackets, corbels, braces, and gables?

Yes, in fact custom cedar products are our specialty.  On a daily basis we deal in custom cedar millwork production.  In many cases our customers will send in pictures, blueprints, specifications, or schematics of the type of bracket they are needing.  Usually, within 24 hours we will respond with an emailed quote that is itemized out to show the full breakdown.  We strive to offer the most competitive pricing online in custom cedar millwork projects.

2. What species of wood do you use?

We specialize in Red Western Cedar.  Red Western Cedar is known in the industry as a top rot resistant wood that will out perform the majority of woods in exterior applications where it will be exposed to the elements.  It has naturally produced resins and chemicals in it that make it difficult for insects to break down.  On top of all this, RWC has beautiful colors that range from orange to red to brown.

3. What are your lead times?

All of our cedar products are built to order and regardless of whether it's custom or right off our website will ship out within 4-5 business days.  The only exceptions will be for large order, highly customized orders, orders that require specialty sized lumber, or during the Spring season.  In these instances it may take 4-10 business days for some of these orders to ship.  To find out the lead time simply email us or call us and we will let you know what to expect.

4. What is the quality of your product?

All of our cedar that we ship out is a high grade of cedar, that may or may not have some small knots.  We do our best to cut around knots and will never send out product with soft knots or broken knots, only hard solid knots that are deeply embedded in the bracket.  We will also sand our product down and give it a high quality finish that is paint or stain ready.  A lot of care goes into our products and we look to exceed our customers expectations are earn their repeat business.  It is a good idea to put a coat of protection on the bracket once you get it.  Large pieces of bare wood should get a coat to prevent cracking anytime it is exposed to the elements or moved to a different part of the country.

5. Do you do free estimates and/or installations?

Yes, we will email you free quotes and pricing if you email us what you are looking for.  We ship to all 50 states including Canada.  However, everything we make is shipped from our North Georgia location in Cumming, GA.  We do not do installations and product can be picked up locally to avoid shipping costs.

6. Can my product be returned?

Yes if it is non-custom.  These are products that are in our shopping cart platform ready to buy.  For all returns, we must be notified within 30 days of the original purchase. All cedar products are subject to a 20% restocking fee. We do not accept returns on custom cedar items.  The customer is responsible for shipping the product back to us.  Please order one item first before placing a large order if you are unsure.

7. Are your products load bearing?

All of our products are made from solid cedar and attached with glues and 1/4" lag screws throughout the product.  This makes for an incredibly strong bracket. However, we do NOT rate the strength of our brackets or ever confirm whether a bracket will work for a given situation.  In most instances the customer should be working with an architect, builder, or contractor who can determine the size a bracket needs to be in order to carry the needed load and we can work off blueprints to replicate that.

8. Who is Flower Window Boxes and Forever Shutters?, Inc. is our parent company.  All orders are processed through this website.  We have two separate sister company website which represent wings of our parent business.  These are and  To make things simpler for you, all product can be ordered from the same website, and we will link back to our main site from each of our sister sites.  When you call us or email us by phone we will answer as

9. Do you have pictures of your product for me to see?  How long have you been in business?

Flower Window Boxes, inc. has been in business since 2008 providing custom products made from cellular PVC and Red Western Cedar.  Our motto is that we want to build long lasting products that add curb appeal to your home or business. We have been featured on TV shows such as The Today Show, Ask this Old House, and HGTV.   To see pictures and testimonials of our products please click here.